Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a weekend

I have been on a spending spree this weekend. But, justifiably, I have no excuses other than "SALES"!!!!!! I ran over to Dekalb to that WONDERFUL place during lunch on Friday and bought this

I just loved the sewing theme on these fabrics! I think it was Southseas fabric. The yellow and rust were laying close to the cutting counter and I just scooped them up,,, you never know..

Then I went to JoAnn's on Saturday. Listen, it is not MY fault! They keep having these sales!!!!! I found some awesome ribbon that looks like a measuring tape. But, I also just had to have some of this cute seersucker for a cute "little" outfit.

The plaid and blue on the left were purchases at the 22nd Ave. store. They were having a sale and it looked like "boy shorts" to me.

While I was there I bought me a Juki serger. Ya never know when one might retire and have to make money by selling ones wares... anyway,

I finished up the Chapter on Access for my final exam, washed some fabric (which I did not picture) that I will use to make me some outfits. JoAnn's had Bottomweight on sale,,, and since I can no longer afford to buy any clothes, I need to sew some... :)

Did you see Cait in her outfits? Too cute... I want to try and thread that serger today.. I told them I needed one that was "idiot proof" and she convinced me this was the one... I shall see. I may be down there next Saturday morning crying and carrying on for lessons....