Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some things I have been working on...

This is the beginning of the quilt for the nursing home that the Phi Theta Kappa group is collecting for a service project. I found some jelly rolls on "huge sale" at Joanne's and realized I could make a quilt and it would be meaningful with the fabric I bought.. Maybe someone will love it.. I finally finished it today.. I am taking it tomorrow.

 I threw it over Shot when I took it out of the dryer so I could get a good picture of it... Notice how excited he gets about my projects..
 This is the back of the quilt.. I went outside and placed it in a "seductive quilt display"... It is not as effective as what I have seen on other blogs,,, but my quilts are kinda like me,,, they just sort of "splay" rather than pose!!!
 It folds well,,,, I just love the binding. There are some awesome fabrics in the jelly roll I used.. All batiks.. The binding was also on sale for like 75% off... It washed well and dried well. I used warm and natural white for batting.

 Oh yeah, you know I bought an embroidery machine on the last blog... That is another reason the quilt is just now being completed! I went to "class" last Saturday and this is my embroidered applique... My niece told me it looks just like me..
 I embroidered my initials on my bag I made.. Nothing fancy, I just have to practice! I also made the tag for the quilt and stitched it on the back when I was finished with the quilt.

How do you all get it all done? With work, classes, practice, learning how to use my machines and having to go and look for more fabric each week,,, AND still trying to complete projects and begin new ones....there is never enough time... Do you have any suggestions? I do love it though... Just not enough time...

and who is that that keeps needing clean clothes, and food, and room to walk across the floor.... oh PA-LEASE!!!!! I let him pose in my pictures... Geesh!!!!
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