Sunday, July 11, 2010

Going back to work

Seems as though I will be going back to work on Monday. My big holiday is over. I worked on the 29th of June and have not been back since! My sister came on the 29th. We went early on Wednesday and had our hair done. She made wonderful cabbage rolls for my brother when he came into town. We had to try them out... She left on Thursday morning. My niece from Florida came in on Thursday. We met in town and shopped the fabric stores for bargains. When we got back to the house, my nephew Jacob came. along with my brother, sister-in-law, niece, great niece and great nephew. We chowed down on the wonderful cabbage rolls that Sandra made.

Friday morning we went to the fabric store in Dekalb. Wow!!! double wow. So much to see, and buy. Had such a great time with the girls while the guys played golf. We came on home after noon and was getting things set for dinner and my son, daughter-in-law, and 3 grandsons arrived from Houston, TX!!!. What a wonderful surprise! We all had to visit quickly so the babies could go to bed.

Saturday was spent in preparation of Sunday when the rest on the family arrived. Sunday was wonderful and fun filled with food, fellowship, singing, guitar playing and down home good time!

Monday Shot and I got to spend 24 whole hours with our grand sons! First time ever for more than a few hours. They are just too cute and smart! They left on Tuesday afternoon and Shot and I both fell asleep in the chairs.

I have been sewing and cleaning since. I finish my sister's outfit and started me a shirt. The stripes are not where I think they should be, so I have stopped for today. I have also been working on my online training class....Gah! I need a break... There is the finished shirt above... Do the stripes look too terrible???

I also started a baby blanket today. I am going to put a material ruffle around it with my new ruffler for my QC 1000!!! I can't wait to try it!!!
well, we shall see how tomorrow goes. It is definitely time for bed! nite nite