Monday, March 15, 2010

What a wake up call! Luke, being inside still recuperating from his broken back leg (see picture of him and Thyra chilling in front of the tv) begins to bark uncontrollably and Thyra pounces from the bed barking at the top of her lungs to back him up... OK, OK I say, I'm up! first day of spring break to sleep late.. New time 6:00 am, old time 5:00am. Same as always. So here I am, up,, brain spinning with things I want to do. I have almost completed the ALS quilt I have been working on. I have Tea dyed the white that I thought was too white, and have it in the washer now.... We shall see how it turns out..I want to cut out a new quilt today. I have a doctor's appt. later today. I really want to work on my sewing room.

So much to do! I only have a week off..I will post pictures later when the quilt is dry, I need to start getting ready..

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  1. I love it! How did you get that sewing machine on there---I want one too!